Chris was born in Chicago and raised in both the south side of Chicago and all over Los Angeles.His mother was a wild child, beautiful and popular, who loved all kinds of music and his dad was a philosophical, subtly militant, handsome young commercial artist who loved jazz and doowop. Chris was exposed at a very early age to an eclectic mix of soul, psychedelia, jazz and a variety of innovative musicians whom his family was friends with such as Curtis Mayfield; Minnie Ripperton; Earth,Wind and Fire; War and most key Funkadelic.

From his parents, Funkadelic and the music of Sly Stone, Chris learned the concept of absorbing music and art with no mind to racial or stylistic barriers and using those influences not to duplicate but to shape one's own voice. He continually aspires to this.....

Chris started playing bass at age 7,and guitar at 12. By age 14, he was recording at studios in Chicago, and later Detroit, with his older bass-player brother and various George Clinton affiliates. He began playing with Wendy and Lisa in 1989 which was the start of his professional career. Touring and recording with Wendy and Lisa led to working with Seal and producer Trevor Horn and eventually Doyle in 1998. He worked with other key influences, including Jill Jones and Chris Connelly, throughout and since.

Chris says that he is a guitar player first, but he has been playing bass for Doyle since 1999, whn Doyle asked him to play bass on the "Jellycream" tour. He's stayed on the instrument with Doyle because, along with JJ on drums, there is a very special and undeniable chemistry at work and a world of possibility with the talent involved.