JJ Johnson started his drumming career on cardboard boxes. He wanted to play guitar, but couldn't convince his parents. So he sat in on boxes with a friend who did have a guitar. His father finally relented and bought him a Sears drum kit after JJ won a drumming medal in his Junior High School band.

Growing up in San Antonio, he listened to R&B, jazz and rock, but when he hit his music scene he rocked out with some cheesy metal stuff, funk and San Antonio-styled New Wave.

Later, he began working with artists like Charlie Sexton, Abra Moore, Eryka Baddu and Neil Finn. While working with Charlie, he was introduced to Doyle.

They kept running into each other. JJ recalls Doyle having a great sense of humor and they started hanging out more. Finally, when the time was right, Doyle popped the question.

Currently, JJ's digging the new Sea & Cake record, Beth Gibbons, and the Tim Friesse Green gem, 'Heligoland.'